Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

1. Boyle, A. (2015, June 19). Scientists Build Case for ‘Sixth Extinction’ … and Say It Could Kill Us. Retrieved from NBC News:

The source is reliable because it is consistent with various scientist publications on the sixth extinction. It also gives details on how species are being endangered thus; likely to cause human death if unchecked. The key information in this source is on: how the sixth extinction is a human fault according to the researchers. The source also talks about the extinction rate happen so fast that they assert the impact on human activity. In reference to my topic about the extinction crisis, the link suggests that the current waves are considered as the delicate series of species elimination. The piece of information can be used in my essay.

2. Center for Biological Diversity. (n.d.). The Extinction Crisis. Retrieved from Center for Biological Diversity:

The source is credible in animal extinction crisis since it provides full illustration of the causes as well as resolutions. The website is also convincing because it elaborates on how the species safeguards the resilience of the ecosystem. The source also provides information on the crisis’ major cause as human activities, especially due to the major global warming; this is another point which I could include in supporting my point of natural disaster. The article has another strength in that it focuses on the extinction crisis thereby; giving all the causes as well as solutions.

3. Global Animal. (2013, August 29). How Natural Disasters Can Devastate Animals. Retrieved from Global Animal :

This article is credible because it consists of all the information required in research on natural disaster also this is provided by an organization. Research has been carried on the impacts of natural disaster on all animals thereby. The website provides details on the negative impacts of natural tragedies on both the domestic as well as wild animals. This source is one of the most important in explaining animal extinctions because it simply gives examples of the disasters, which includes earthquakes, fire, as well as flood. Those examples are very useful in research for my paper.

4. Mahr, K. (2010, August 9). Shark-Fin Soup and the Conservation Challenge. Retrieved from Time Magazine:,9171,2021071,00.html

The idea of Shark fins is popularly used is an important section of my paper. Thisarticle is essential in that is provides us with full information on how shark conservation, as a major issue as well as how the goal can be achieved. The article is convincing because it mentions on how shark fin soup has been considered in several events. The source is about the life history strategies of sharks having been different from other commercial fish exploitation. The articleimplies that sharks are being killed globally at unsuitable rates therefore; there must be a stop to this. The source is essential since there are huge particulars on how sharks harvested from the wild grow slowly.

5. Shark Savers. (2017). I’m Finished with Fins. Retrieved from Shark Savers:

The source is convincing to the audience, because it provides information on sharks fining as well as their threat. This article also elaborates on how the act is illegal in U.S. water, though it has continued to be a business illegally. This source also provides huge details on how the demand for fin shark soup has increased for decades. However, over ten million sharks are killed with their fins ordained for trade. In extinction crisis explanation, the link is important because it provides all the information on fish extinction. According to the article, there are huge details on solutions to deal with shark fin trade. I will elaborate the thoughts from this piece to convince and educate audience the importance of protecting sharks and eliminate shark soups.

6. UNEP. (n.d.). Illegal Trade in Wildlife. Retrieved from United Nations Environment Programme:

Regional activities take a huge impact on animal extinction. Activities are based on human morality. North America is one major victim of wildlife illegal trade according to the United Nations Environmental Programme. This article is credible because it has all the documents and dates on how the process has been carried out in the nation. The article is about how wildlife trafficking have led to environmental degradation plus various social, economic effects. The site includes the illegal business on animals has led to global organized crime. According to the article, extinction crises have been commonly on the wild animals especially due to human interventions thus; causing isolation. Human interventions can be done by intention of religion, money, and illegal actions. I could use those as my reference towards human influences section in my paper.

7. United for Wildlife. (n.d.). About Us. Retrieved from United for


The website is important since it illustrates on how every individual is entitled to preventing as well as preserving the endangered species. It is credible in the research for wildlife care since the organization majors on elaborating the tolerance policy on illegal trade in wildlife. This website is about generating awareness to individuals, on the importance of natural resources and the impacts of the legal wildlife trade. The source gives details of the new digital networking services of the developed technologies with wildlife preservation resolution. I can use this website information that”deals with Animal Rescue Foundations thereby; it provides enough reasons to why hunters are not the major cause of species extinction.” Moreover, the source gives details on how habitat fragmentation is the major cause of extinction.

8. Wildlife Conservation Society. (2017). Stopping Illegal Wildlife Trade. Retrieved from Wildlife Conservation Society:

This website is credible because itgives accurate information of both the governmental as well as non-governmental organization join hands to protect nature. This website gives all the details researched on how illegal wildlife trade should be stopped. The ideas on the elaboration are also discussed which involves setting out routes used for the business. There are various examples given in the source on how the trafficking activity is carried, especially the routes followed in Asia, Africa as well as America. While giving explanations on the animal extinction the trafficking information on the link is helpful to my paper.

9. World Wildlife Fund. (n.d.). Overview. Retrieved from World Wildlife Fund:

This organization is the most reliable on taking about illegal wildlife trade, since it provides facts collected in the research. The organization focuses on how complex the estimation has been, in calculating the wildlife products racked in the trade business. A part of my paper is about illegal wildlife migration as an interruption of nature. According to the organization, species are highly overexploited thus; causing imbalances in the planet. In explanation on animal extinction, the source is useful since it provides details on the effort carried in stopping illegal wildlife trade.

10. WWF Global. (n.d.). How many species are we losing? Retrieved from WWF Global:

This organization’s article gives powerful data on the species lost due to extinction crises. The information given by the scientists are convincing since they are accurate. I can connect my paper with this article simply by indicates the affects by the biodiversity catastrophe if humans were not around. The source is about scientific data of estimation, on how many species are victims of biodiversity. The article is best for illustration of extinction because there is enough data on the research. The source suggests that scientist suggests that over 100,000 species are affected annually.

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