Describe the stagecraft for hansberry’s play

Describe the stagecraft for hansberry’s play


As you read Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, you may have noticed that dramatic plays also encompass the seven key elements of Fiction. Therefore, this assignment requires you to consider not only the elements of Drama, but also the elements of Fiction as you answer the five questions posed below.


1. When authors write literature, naming is a very important feature. For example, in George Martin’s book series Game of Thrones, all children born without legitimacy carry the last name “Snow,” or white, i.e., “blank,” which be a connotative representation of a “blank” space on their imagined birth certificates where a father’s name, or Sir/Ser name should appear, yet does not. The same idea of naming rings true in Hansberry’s play.

Therefore, consider the character, Beneatha’s, name, which can be connotatively understood as “beneath a . . .” something or someone. Now, consider the characteristics of hercharacter,aphraseexplainedintheElementsofFictionhandout. Usingthetextfrom Hansberry’s play as evidence, list three ways in which Beneatha defies the connotation of her name. In other words, if she is supposed to be “beneath” something, someone, or some ideology, list and explain in 150-200 words EACH demonstrating that she is not.

2. Describe the stagecraft for Hansberry’s play. Then, explain why said stagecraft is either limited or expanded. While there is no word count for your answer, be sure that your explanation is clear and that you use the text in your explanation.

3. In 200-250 words, explain the central conflict of Hansberry’s play and Mr. Linder’s participation in that conflict.

4. Describe the “theme” of Hansberry’s play in 150-200 words.

5. If Walter Lee Younger, Jr. is the protagonist of Hansberry’s play, which character represents his foil and why? Use the text to explain your answer. While there is no word count for your answer, be sure you convey what you mean thoroughly.

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