Discussion board 5

Review the information at the following three websites and any hyper-links: https://www.fbi.gov/news/testimony/intelligence-sharing-with-federal-state-and-local-law-enforcement-10-years-after-9-11 and
http://www.dhs.gov/fusion-centers-and-joint-terrorism-task-forces and

You may be required to cut and paste and search to access the preceding first and third FBI ip addresses.

After reviewing the three separate documents, identify and separately discuss a minimum (there is no maximum) of six specific and well-explained and detailed enlightenments/take-aways (Take-aways might include personal learning about the subject, applied learning, growth in understanding, knowledge development in the subject, improved awareness prompted by the materials, value-added to your subject matter toolbox, subject matter knowledge enhanced by the materials, etc.) from the documents related to identified practices and/or policies and/or procedures and/or processes and/or tools related to collaborative law enforcement (Federal, State, Local, Tribal) information sharing/joint efforts to address terrorism.

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