Experimental Design HW 1 Diagram & a few paragraphs

Experimental Design exercise 


A researcher wants to conduct a field study that examines whether advertisements placed to the right of, compared to above, online content is more effective.


Design an experiment that achieves this objective. In your experimental design please specify the following.

  • The overall context of the study
  • Test units and how they are assigned (R or M)
  • Dependent variables (O1, O2, etc.)
  • Independent variable (i.e., treatment groups (EG1, EG2, etc.))
  • Control Group – to what will you compare your treatment?
  • What factors do you need to consider (i.e., extraneous factors) and how do you control for them?


What the prof is asking for on this assignment:


A diagram of your experiment and a couple paragraphs’ of writing to demonstrate that you have a good handle on experimental design.



Make sure diagram and written paragraphs are easy to comprehend and provide a rationale on how you got to your conclusion


Diagram and written paragraphs must together in a single document (Word Doc or MS EXCEL) Embed, cut, or paste


The single diagram you design could be based off any of the following classical designs for example: (preexperimental, true experimental, completely randomized, or factorial.

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