Discuss The impacts of Social Media on our Society

Discuss The impacts of Social Media on our Society

Introduction: Background to the study, purpose of the study, problem statement (What you are trying to findout or discover, How it will enhance your career development/expert in your field, Include one or two research questions, Two or more objectives that the project intends to achieve), research questions and hypothesis

Literature review: -Relevant publications (academics and from practitioners), -Identify books, journal articles and other key texts that will help your supervisor determine if you are on the right path, -Review most important theories for your research project, -Purpose is to critically analyse existing body of knowledge through summary, comparison of prior studies, reviews of literature and theoretical articles

Methodology: Research design, population and sample, data collection (-You need to establish a logical connection between the focus of your study and the ways in which you propose to carry it out, -Justify your methodology, -It enables the examiner to now when you have answered your research questions and achieved your objectives,You can choose a consultancy methodology such as action research or academic methodology such as qualitative or quantitative)

Timescale: Provide a timeline for project completion (plan of action), you can use PERT charts to help you plan, use milestones in the project such as literature review, data collection, first draft to supervisor etc

Ethics: Provide an ethical statement as the project should not cause mental or physical harm on participants and researchers. Avoid plagiarism!

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