Sales and marketing paper

Sales and marketing paper

Consider the product or service idea proposed for the Team Business Plan. If you would prefer to write about sales and marketing for another business, ask your professor for permission. When a business professional reads this paper, he or she will have a clear understanding of your marketing strategy. If your business idea does not lend itself to a thorough discussion of all of the following elements, select another business idea or another topic. Use this rubric to assign a grade for the Sales and Marketing papers.


Marketing Message

Does the paper include a clear marketing message?

Is the marketing message effectively communicated throughout the marketing collateral?

Marketing Strategy

Is the marketing strategy reasonable for the industry? Is it clearly presented?

Are the communication vehicles clearly presented and reasonable?

Marketing schedule

Marketing budget

Include ads or brochures to demonstrate your advertising ideas.


Industry standards and best practices for sales projections are utilized where appropriate. If market standards are not used an alternative is recommended.

Details are researched and assertions are supported.

Earn points for using at least five academic or business sources (deduct 2 points for four sources, 4 points for three sources and so forth.)

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