UDL Lesson Plan Assignment

Purpose: To demonstrate & apply the three principals of UDL

1. Review the student profile below:

Student profile:

The students strengths are:

  • oral language and language based activities like reading
  • interacting with other students,
  •  photographic memory so can memorize large amounts of information
  • a hard worker
  • a great sense of humor.

Student challenges:

  •  physical disability– has problems moving throughout the classroom
  • ADHD ( inattentive type) but also considered Gifted and Talented/Learning Disabled.
  • writing legibly and quickly because of physical limitations

How will you modify the lesson plan to support the student’s learning needs but allow for the student’s strengths so the student won’t get bored.


2. Review the attached very basic lesson plan: traditional lesson plan.doc

3.  Update the lesson based upon the three principals of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

  • Modify the lesson plan based upon the learning needs of the student (see profile above) using the 3 UDL principals (engagement, representation and expression)
  • 3 changes total–one change for representation, one change for expression, and one change for engagement
  • Make changes to  one or both days of the lesson and changes can be specific to materials, instruction or assessment. You do not need to modify the entire lesson–just 3 parts.
  • Be sure to use a different color font with the UDL concepts you are adding to the lesson: Red for engagement, Green for representation and Blue for expression.
  • Be sure to justify why you believe the UDL change would be appropriate for this student & how they apply to the UDL principal

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