Write a research paper on sociology

Write a research paper on sociology


When selecting a sociology topic, keep in mind that anything involving groups of people, sociology is happening! Therefore, when writing about society, papers are not expected to be all about “PROBLEMS and SOCIAL ILLS” but it may also discuss commonalities/similarities as a nation.

However, there are topics will not accept for research papers, and those topics are as follows:

• Abortion
• Drugs/anything drug- related whether legal or illegal
• Personality Disorders/Psychology related
• Domestic violence
• Teen pregnancy
• Steroids
• Divorce
• Religion
• Single-Parenting
• Suicide

*When selecting a topic, please be sure you have enough sources to make it a viable paper.

7 source minimum and it may not be done entirely from the web (4 web sites minimum). Therefore, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, (1) personal interview, etc… are expected to be a part of your bibliography.

no Wikipedia be accepted as a research source.

The research paper will be 5 pages in its entirety, this is the breakdown:
• Cover Sheet (1)
• Table of Contents (1)
•2 pages of researched information including data
•Bibliography/Work Cited Page (1)
•MLA research format.

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