Business Research Project Proposal:

Business Research Project Proposal:

This will consist of developing a business research proposal. You will have to identify a business research topic, define the research questions for the identified problem or opportunity, select the appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project, describe the research process, describe data collection and analysis methods, and expected research outcomes.

This is an individual assignment.

Word limit: 1500 Words

Statistics Research Report:

This will consist of a statistical report on a business case study based on using various statistical techniques and SPSS.

This assignment is to be completed as a group assignment with specific individual components.

Word limit: 2500 Words


The exam will cover topics in sessions 1-9. This will include conceptual and calculation questions involving research methodologies and the application of statistics techniques for managerial decision-making.


Prescribed Textbook (compulsory)

Zikmund, W. (2009) Business Research Methods, 8th Edition, Dryden, Orlando.

Levine, D.M., Stephan, D.F., Krehbiel, T.C. &d Brenson, M.L. (2010), Statistics for Managers Using

Microsoft Excel: 6th Global Edition, Prentice Hall

Coakes, S. J. and L. Steed (2012, “P””®: Analysis Without Anguish Using SPSS® Widos, Wiley Higher Eduatio (Australia). ISBN 9780470813119 Paperback version

Recommended Reading

1. Cooper, D.R. & Schindler, P.S. (2007), Business Research Methods, 10th Edition, Boston, McGraw Hill/Irwin.

2. Jankowicz, A.D. (2004), Business Research Methods, Fourth Edition, London: Cengage Learning Business Press.

3. Sekaran, U. (2003) Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach, John Wiley and Sons, New York.

4. Albright, S., Winston, W.L. and Zappe, C. (2006), Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel, Third Edition, Thomson.

5. Gruebner, D et al. (2005) Business Statistics: A Decision Making Approach, 6th ed., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River.

6. McClave, J. and Benson, P. (2004) Statistics for Business and Economics, International Edition, 9th ed., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River.

7. Carver, R. and Nash, J. (2012) Doing Data Analysis with SPSS®: Version 18.0, 5th ed., Cengage Learning.


Wk Topics scheduled Assessment Tutorial Activities Chapters

1 Descriptive Statistics Business Research Case Studies 2 & 3 (Levine,D.M., et al.)

2 Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions Problem definition exercises 4 & 6 (Levine,D.M., et al.)

3 Business Research Methods Business Research Case Studies 7 & 8 (Zikmund, W.)

4 Business Research Process and Defining the Problem Business Research Case Studies 7 & 8 (Zikmund, W.);

5 Qualitative Research, Secondary Data Research Business Research Case Studies (Zikmund, W.) 10, 11 & 12

6 Measurement Scales, Attitude Measurements and Questionnaire Design Preparation of Data Files (Coakes Ch 2) 13 (Zikmund, W.)

7 Binomial, Poisson and Continuous Probability Distributions Initial Research Proposal Reliability Analysis (Coakes Ch 15) 15 (Zikmund, W.)

8 Estimation, Chi-Squared Test, Regression Line and Correlation T- Tests (Coakes Ch 9) 11 (Levine,D.M., et al.)

9 Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA SPSS assignment Correlation (Coakes Ch 5) 11 (Levine,D.M., et al.)

10 Sampling Design and Sampling Procedures Examination Multiple responses and multiple Dichotomy analysis (Coakes Ch 20) 7 & 8 (Levine,D.M., et al.)

11 Survey Research Case Study on Research Methods Lecture notes

12 Final Research Proposal Due Final Research Proposal Consultation Consultation

* Note: Students must consult the Academic Calendar and Blackboard for the dates of the Study and Examination Week.

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