Create a framework using customer relationship management

Create a framework using customer relationship management

Marketing Management
Scenario Marketing: Congratulations. You have just been named marketing manager of a major franchise. Your job will be to perform the daily tasks of a marketing manager. So what does a marketing manager do? As you know, marketing plays an essential role in almost every industry segment. In its simplest form, marketing management is about making certain that customers’ needs and wants are met while increasing the profits of a company. A marketing manager’s responsibilities can vary a great deal, but will always have this as a central purpose. COMPANY- Liberty Tax Service® – Taxes – provides tax service to both consumers and businesses. The CEO of your company wants you to create a strong current customer relationship management plan. You will present the plan as a PowerPoint presentation with audio to all of the franchisees at the next annual franchise meeting.


In this Assignment, you will be using the PowerPoint narration tool to create your own audiovisual presentation of your customer relationship management plan. Once you have done this, you can put this skill on your resume. Audiovisual presentations are used in everything from customer service response, training employees, solving problems in the workplace, explaining instructions to colleagues and responding to stakeholders concerning business issues.

Create a PowerPoint presentation beginning with a title slide and following with an Introduction in which you introduce your company of choice, and address the first two questions. Then proceed on to include the CR management model headings and address the questions related to each facet to create your customer relationship management plan.

Question 1: Consider the customer satisfaction model show below. Explain, why is it important to measure customer expectations as well as actual satisfaction from consumption or usage?

Question 2: Given the proliferation of loyalty programs, how can you differentiate your program from competitors programs?

Next, create a framework using the customer relationship management model as seen in the Assignment home area. Now address the Customer Relationship Management Model questions:

CR Model Questions to address regarding the model process step:

1. Create a database: What does this look like and why?

2. Analysis: How will you analyze your database? What formulas, methods will you use in your analysis? Provide a fictional example.

3. Customer selection: Give a rationale for selecting your customers. Will it strictly be based on profitability or will you use other variables?

4. Customer targeting: How will you reach your customers?

5. Relationship marketing: Create a customer relationship marketing program.

6. Privacy issues: Consider privacy issues.

7. Metrics: How will you measure your results?

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