Create an organization chart for millennium health clinic

Create an organization chart for millennium health clinic

Business Management
Your INFO 2416 members will form the IT department. Create an organization chart for the Millennium Health Clinic, including the IT staff. (Microsoft Word has a facility for doing this.)

Millennium Health Clinic has four primary care physicians, one nurse practitioner (NP), three physical therapists, two registered nutritionists, six nurses, and ten support staff. Each of the physicians, the NP, therapists, nutritionists and support staff has their own workstation. The nurses work from one of the three nurse stations that should have at least two computers at each station. Each nurse station will have a high-volume network laser printer and scanner attached to one workstation. The checkin/checkout area will have an impact printer for multipart forms and a network laser printer. The network will include an online backup service, Internet access via a broadband connection with a local Internet service provider.

The partners want you to ensure the physical network is scalable, and able to handle the electronic medical record phase after the business support system is implemented.

The network will include a server, 28 workstations, and five network printers

Part 1: Network Diagram and Plan

Complete a Network Diagram (using Microsoft Visio, for example) showing all devices (router, Network Printers, SAN if any, etc)

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