Consumer behaviour

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery has become very popular in recent years. For example, there has been a 279% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures in the USA between 1997 and 2013 (ASAPS, 2013). Global plastic surgery industry is also expected to continue growing to 2020 (Persistence Market Research, 2017).


Task: As a consumer behaviour specialist, you will explain and analyse the increasing popularity of cosmetic or aesthetic surgery among consumers in a market of your own choice. If cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is not popular in the market of your own choice, you will need to explain and analyse why it is not popular.


1. Your explanation and analysis must be based on four lecture topics from this module. Within each chosen lecture topic, you can discuss between one (minimum) and three (maximum) learning objectives, if relevant. Here is the list of lecture topics together with learning objectives that you can choose from:

( will submit extra files for this

2. The market of your own choice can be segmented based on a particular country as well as other segmentation criteria such as age and gender.


3. As you may appreciate the wonderful diversity in academia, it is not uncommon for academics to have different opinions of theoretical definitions and perspectives. It is acceptable and welcoming to bring in other academic materials than what you have learned from the module teaching.



Assignments should be a maximum of 4,500 words in length.


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