marketing project-Business & Finance homework Assignment

marketing project-Business & Finance homework Assignment


· The report must be typed text using a double-spaced format

· The margins for each page must be set at one (1) inch on all four edges.

· The required font to be used throughout the paper, including headings, tables, and figures, is 12 point Arial.

· Put a header/footer on every page. The header should contain the name of the project AND the footer should contain the course number and academic year (e.g. Group1-MKT211-2018/19)

· Add a running page number on every page (e.g., Page 2 of 6). Word will also do this automatically for you on each page. Be sure you use the optional setting that provides this header on page 1, as well as on the subsequent pages.

· Reference Page(s) – Use APA 6th edition format. A minimum of five (5) references is required such as the corporate website and the on-line annual report. When you use citations from the text, these should be referenced too.

· You are to use the template provided.

Marketing Plan for New Product

Your group will open a new business in Yanbu. The business is to introduce a product. The project has an open budget. You are required to produce a marketing plan which will be presented to the top management for buy-off. The marketing plan is to adhere to the structure provided below. You are conduct a research towards a feasible marketing plan. The plan must be supported by research evidences and acknowledged with proper referencing (APA style, 6th edition).

A. Executive Summary

· The executive summary is an abstract that gives a broad picture of the contents of the report.

· It should not start off by “In this report you are going to….” This summary should be one page.

· It should summarize the report to the extent that if this is the only page the reader reads, he/she will know what is in the full report.

B. Company Overview & Innovative Product

· In this section you will describe your business and the product you intend to market.

· How did your group come out with the innovative product?

· Why did you choose this product?

· Why do you think your product would appeal to customers?

C. The Environment

· Describe the probably micro and macro environmental forces that may affect the successful launch of your new product.

D. The Research

· Research objectives

· Data collection

· Data analyses

· Findings

E. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategy

· Identify the appropriate segments for your product

· Give reasons why you choose to target a particular segment/s.

· What are your positioning strategies?

F. Product Strategy

· Product attributes

· Branding

· Packaging

· Labeling

· Product support services

G. Promotion Strategy

· Describe the promotional strategies chosen for your product. State the reasons.

H. Pricing Strategy

· Describe the pricing strategies adopted. State the reasons.

I. Place strategy

· Describe how and where the product will be placed to gain consumer purchases

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