Six paragraph assignment with detailed instructions attached. want in 10hrs or less.

Six paragraph assignment with detailed instructions attached. want in 10hrs or less.

In the 20th Century, many organizations focused on goals, cost, and efficiency in production to keep business profitable. Today, for businesses to remain sustainable they must maintain a competitive advantage either by price, new product ventures, location, innovation in the marketplace, etc. In theme 1, we will begin to put together the process of bringing a new product line into Biotech’s business model to stimulate growth in a new product sector, cosmetics, while remaining true to the company’s current Mission “To develop products that are safe, effective, affordable and natural with the customer’s health always their primary goal.” This new Cosmetics Division of Biotech will be located in Asia and the company intends for it to be a leader in the use of sustainable products using the latest innovations for production and delivery to our global customers. Consider the information below:

Recently, Geraldine Barney Garrett, the granddaughter of Wilford Barney who held the reins of the R&D department for Biotech Health and Life Products in 1965, retired and Geraldine’s own granddaughter, Melanie Malone, took over the department. Melanie is qualified for the job. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a double major in Botany and Food Science. She minored in Business Management. She had worked in the plant in Chicago every summer since High School and had reproduced and revised all her grandmother’s and great-great grandmother’s recipes. Starting full-time at 22 years of age Melanie got along with everyone in the department but at 27 Geraldine thought she may be too young to assume the position, but Melanie has shown strong managerial and leadership qualities since stepping into the role. Melanie wants the company to be a leader in innovative ways to be a sustainable company using green technologies as well as friendly to the environment, animals, and human health.

Maximillian Barney, the President, CEO and Wilford Barney’s grandchild, decided the challenge of deciding on a location for the new Cosmetic Division as well as the search for a Division Director would fall on Melanie. Since Melanie is passionate about keeping business focused on all-natural products and developing ecofriendly packaging, Max felt Melanie would ensure the company would bring in someone who would seek innovative, green, and sustainable ways to effectively bring Biotech into this new venture, while also ensuring the products are designed, developed, tested and delivered with the organization’s mission and vision in mind.

Melanie has contracted a small minority owned consulting firm, GoTo Consulting, to conduct research on the best location for this new plant that meets all the expectations of Biotech and also has the ability to launch these new products per Melanie’s mandates for green sustainability and innovation. A group has been assembled within the firm to decide on a location for the plant. Melanie has narrowed her preferences down to India, Japan, and Vietnam and wants the firm to present the best option to her.

Instructions: present a four to six paragraph research about whether Biotech should locate the new manufacturing and distribution plant in India, Japan, or Vietnam. The defense of your selected location will include the consideration of the cost to acquire the real estate; sustainable/green products record; access to affordable but knowledgeable labor; ease of distribution of manufacturing products to the plant, and ease of distribution of products to customers; and access to innovative employees that can create a new product line to gain market share from day one. Do not forget to support the reasoning for the selection with research, case scenario facts (above) and the course material.

Course Material:

Technology and Innovation

Managing Change for Organizations

Managing Change for Employees

Internal Analysis Inputs to Strategy

Principles of Management

Defining Leadership

Creating Strategy: Common Approaches

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