Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Building A Social Media Strategy for a hypothetical 4 week campaign. This campaign could be for anything related to your niche be it an election, convention, sale, concert, contest, product launch, etc. Using the categories below, articulate the various components of your campaign.

I choose workout as my inche area, I have been training for 6 years, now I become a personal trainer.

Overview: Explain what your niche is and the purpose of the campaign.

Objectives: What do you hope to achieve and why?

Target Audience: Who is your audience? Be specific, avoid general statements such as “this event is for everyone”. Identify your niche.

Research: Who are the 3 or more top people in this niche? What are they doing to earn those positions? What platforms do they use? What are current resources that you can use?

Strategies and Tactics: Describe how, why and what social media tools you will use to meet your objectives, then specify the tactics for each individual platform.

Timeline: What steps will you take over a four week period in executing your campaign? What will your specific schedule be? Posts on what platforms? Frequency of posts? etc.

Execution: What additional steps might you need to take in order to execute your plan?

Results and Evaluation: How will you know that your plan is a success?

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