Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help

Assignment 3

Overview: discuss what your niche is and the purpose of the campaign.

My niche is modeling. I selected modeling as the topic for my niche as I have been a professional model for 7 years now with Coultish Management. I have been fortunate enough to work internationally in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and the United States. Recently I have made the switch from international modeling to local modeling. My campaign will focus on promoting myself locally in BC and throughout Canada as a more mature model within the commercial and lifestyle markets.

Objectives: What do you hope to achieve and why?

I hope to achieve a larger local audience on my social media accounts, which will lead to more modeling work. I would like to be thought of as an expert in the industry in Victoria and for others to come to me for advice and support. I lend on others in the industry when I first started out and I would love to pay it forward. By the end of this campaign, I hope to have gained at least 100 new followers and add at least one client to my list of clients.

Target Audience: Who is your audience? Be specific; avoid general statements such as “this event is for everyone”. Identify your niche.

My target audience for this campaign is people in the Canadian fashion industry; this includes designers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, other models, and clients. This is still a large audience so I will be using different social media platforms to be able to reach all of these areas. I will primarily be targeting the fashion industry within BC as that is where most of my jobs and connections are. I know my personal brand will not appeal to everyone in the fashion industry (PRINT, 2018). I will primarily be focusing on people within the fashion industry looking for mid 20 to 30-year-old models that are mixed race.

Research: Who are the 3 or more top people in this niche? What are they doing to earn those positions? What platforms do they use? What are the current resources that you can use?

There are so many major influencers in the modeling industry including Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid, Cara DeLevigne, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski just to name a few (Ati, 2018). All of these models have millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and have become celebrities as well as top models. I have found that all of these models are posting at least once a day with most of them posting multiple times a day. They are posting a wide variety of content from modeling and fashion inspired images to personal family moments of them at home. Most are keeping their captions very short only including the brand and photographers name without any hashtags. The posts are the same on Instagram and Facebook and have some differences in Tweeter. Twitter posts tend to be a bit longer with some posts including questions to encourage audience engagement. The websites ( and StyleCraze ( were very helpful in searching top models social media accounts.

You can see below that the Kendall Jenner used the same photo and caption for both Facebook and Instagram.

From Facebook and Instagram (October, 18, 2018)

Strategies and Tactics: Describe how, why and what social media tools you will use to meet your objectives, then specify the tactics for each individual platform.

I will be using Instagram and Facebook for my campaign. I would have liked to use Twitter as well but I think that taking on three social media platforms would be too difficult while working fulltime. I selected Instagram and Facebook as all of the top models in the industry use them and both have a focus on images. It is also very easy to share the same or similar content on both platforms. I already have a modeling account on both platforms with a large database of local and international connections to the fashion industry to help me get started.

I think the most important thing to remember is to be active. Posting every day will not be realistic for me as I work full time and do not have enough content to keep up with daily posts. Using a social media management system like HootSuite will be essential in making sure I am getting my posts out at the best time. For Instagram I will start posting images to highlight my new look, posting two a week. As well, as start commenting on local professionals in the fashion industries content and always responding to my audience’s comments and messages. Doing shoots with models, photographers and brands with larger followings will help get my name out faster. I believe this will be enough to stay active and keep my audience engaged.

For Facebook, I will engage in discussions and start discussions with others on model and photography groups. This will display my knowledge of the industry and hopefully increase my PLN. I will also share the same photos I am sharing on Instagram to Facebook and will make sure to respond to my audience’s comments.

Timeline: What steps will you take over a four-week period in executing your campaign? What will your specific schedule be? Posts on what platforms? The frequency of posts? Etc.

Week 1 to 4 will be very similar since consistency will be important for my campaign to be successful (Payne, 2017). If I notice that, I am not getting as much engagement as I would like I will look at changing my approach.

The weekly schedule I have is as following:

Comment on five peoples content daily – I will search #victoriaphotographers, #canadianphotographers, or #vfw to find new accounts to comment on. I will be specifically looking for photographers, makeup artists and designers as these are the people that could book me for future jobs. I will make sure the comments are specific to their work and are professional.

Respond to all comments and messages left on my accounts daily

Post 2 photos for the week – I will use Hootsuite to set a schedule up at the start of each week for my posts so that they will be posted at the same time every week. The schedule will post photos on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 a.m. to both Instagram and Facebook, as that is when my Facebook and Instagram Insights say most of my followers are active. I will keep my captions short by commenting on one item I am wearing and crediting everyone involved. I will also use popular model hashtags (i.e. #model and #modeling) and tag relevant accounts like Vancouver Fashion Week and Victoria Fashion Week to reach a larger audience. This will carry through for all four weeks.

Participate in two discussions on a Facebook Group per the week – I am part of several Victoria and BC model and photography groups all of which have active members that post articles, photos, and discussion questions. I will participate in at least two discussions a week where I am able to share my knowledge with others. This will also be a great opportunity to build connections and credibility.

Post one discussion on a Facebook Group per week – I will find an interesting article, photo, or question that I can post in a group that can spark a discussion. This will be a good opportunity to promote or highlight other talented professionals in the industry.

Execution: What additional steps might you need to take in order to execute your plan?

I would also like to connect and collaborating with people in the industry that have more followers. This will be a great way to get my name out to a new audience very quickly. A couple contacts that I will be collaborating with are @BodyBlendz and both have over 55 thousand followers.

Results and Evaluation: How will you know that your plan is a success?

I will know that my plan is successful if my engagement in my posts and followers start increasing. I will be able to use Facebook Insights and Instagram Insights to help me monitor this as it tells you how many people my posts reach and engage. I will document my progress by taking screenshots and evaluating how many likes and comments I get. This will help guide my campaign.


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