SQL-Computer Science homework Paper

SQL-Computer Science homework Paper

I have a project(see the attached question and incomplete answer files) in which i had to write SQL queries and data dictionary. I have 4 final tables (You can find them under final table heading in the incomplete answer file). In the question file you will find 4 sections out of which i have completed 2 sections . I need to complete section 3 and section 4 i.e

Section – III (25 Points)

Create the tables you identified in Normalization/ER Diagram. Provide the SQL syntax for Data Definition Language (DDL to create the database you have designed. Include the MsSQLServer database for the database you designed as a .sql file. (In otherwords, save your DDL statements (sql to create tables and insert data) and submit it as a deliverable).

Section – IV (20 Points)

Create a Data Dictionary for the project.

Please make sure your tables that you have in your normalization in section I and all other table details match up with and are exactly the same as the relations and their relationships you show in Section II (ER diagram). Make sure all of the above matches with the tables you created in your Section III (DDL statements/SQL).

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