HELP in Social Science homework task

HELP in Social Science homework task

4 slides with speaker notes



Pease review the Project Outline and complete the yellow highlighted section in 4 slides. – Proper APA citation is required within the presentation.

Project Outline and Schedule

Group Project: An Urgent Medical Care Company

1. Project Outline

1.1. Group Project description

The project focuses on defining a viable IT system to serve an Urgent Medical Care Company which was formed through the merging of multiple smaller firms within the same industry that had their own IT systems. The goal is to develop an IT system that will be able to serve the company’s needs optimally. All disparate systems will be consolidated, and the team will determine the new system’s overall architecture which will support all core functions of the company. The system will also allow some company employees to operate from mobile platforms to serve the clients better, hence it requires good communication with the external mobile providers.

1.2. List of the main topics and subtopics of your Group Project presentation

Our proposed deliverables ( our presentation framework)

· Interim report on the enterprise architecture

· Architectural framework

· Migration Plan

· Architectural governance process and structure.

1.3. Resources

For this project, many resources will be required. First, qualified personnel with excellent IT skills will be vital in providing guidance and coming up with designs for the whole project. The company will need to acquire servers could be cloud servers to save on cost. These servers will be used to install the application and the databases to be used. The company will buy computers or thin clients that will be used by the urgent medicare care stuff to access the system. A secure network systems that can support the ERP and SAP systems will be configured.


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2. Project Schedule



Group Member



· Basic Presentation framework



· Research IT Consolidation methods and documentation

· Basic content outline



· System descriptions and diagrams



· Slide notes

· Presentation polished




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