Marketing-Business & Finance homework help

Marketing-Business & Finance homework help

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Department of Business Administration

Marketing Management- MGT 201

Semester 1, 2018-19


Marketing Plan

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate ability to think independently and systematically on the subject of developing the business feasibility assessment of marketing plan development.

2. Formulate overall marketing goals, objectives, strategies and tactics within the context of an organization’s business, mission and goals.

3. Analyze marketing opportunities using environmental scanning market data, measurement, and analysis.

NOTE: This assignment has been divided into two parts (Assignment 2 and Assignment-3)

Assignment Regulations:

· You are supposed to choose a publicly listed company in Saudi Stock Market

· You should use references (company website, financial databases, etc…)

· While referencing, use APA reference style.

· All students are encouraged to use their own words.

· If Plagiarism is more than 25%, you will get zero marks.

· Submit in word format only

Assignment Submissions:


Point to be covered

Due Date

Recommended Words


Assignment-2 Part-A

1 & 2

Week 11



Assignment-3 Part-B

3,4 and 5

Week 13

3000 (2000 Part-B + 1000 Part-A)




Write a Marketing Plan considering the following points

1. Introduction, Goals and Objectives

To introduce this section you should include the “mission statement” of the business; an idea of what its goals are for customers, clients, employees and the consumer.

· Introduction about the business.

· Business vision and mission

· Business objective.

· Products and services offered

2. Environmental Analysis

Conduct an environmental analysis that looks at and comments on your local area and your network of business contacts, competitors and customers.

Political- Political situation that persist, their influence on the decisions making process to be evaluated.

Social/Cultural- Social/Cultural forces that affect attitudes, interests and opinions.

Technological – A brief of the technological factors influencing the overall performance.

Economic- The economic factors that dictate how consumers, suppliers and other organizational stakeholders behave within society.

Suppliers- Identify the sources for direct purchasing, describing their locations, the frequency of orders and the type and amount of suppliers to be contacted.

Competitors- Identify the direct competitors by naming their business, describing their facilities and operations, identifying their share of the consumer market, realizing support for their product and by reviewing the weaknesses of their approach.

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