Describe the negative consequences of weight cycling.

Describe the negative consequences of weight cycling.

1. What are the major types of diabetes? Describe the differences among them.

2. What is metabolic syndrome?

3. Which vitamin and mineral are most important for maximizing bone mass and reducing risk of osteoporosis?

4. describe the negative consequences of weight cycling.

5. What are the five components of a sound approach to weight management (pg 529)?

6. Obesity is seen as a complex disorder with multiple contributing factors. Give examples of each of the following factors: biological, social and environmental, lifestyle, and behavioral (worth 2 points)

Weight of a Nation Questions (link on moodle or below)

1. If you had to identify one single step as the start to your own program of healthy eating, what would it be? What was one of the “recommendations” from the movie? (worth 2 points)

2. In your opinion, what do you think are the biggest challenges (list at least 2 challenges discussed in movie) to sticking to the long term strategies that keep weight off (worth 2 points)?

3. What are some of the reasons it is hard for some people to lose weight and maintain it (challenges mentioned in video)? What is one solution for this? Site a scholarly journal article that reviews an effective program or method for maintaining weight loss. (Worth 4 points)

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