Assignment Only For Synco_solutions

Assignment Only For Synco_solutions

Directive Question:

Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson has learned of your considerable skills in strategic analysis and has hired you to develop a strategic plan that will enable Etsy to improve its position in the e-commerce industry, continue to build a stronger financial position, and make a decision about future diversification or

retrenchment from its existing lineup of businesses. In developing your recommendations, you should assess the e-commerce industry. You should also assess Etsy’s competitive strength in its key product categories and analyze its recent financial performance. Finally, the plan should offer specific, actionable recommendations that will allow Etsy to further improve its position. Your recommendations should be

well supported with arguments and justifications for each recommendation.

You are to do a complete Industry and Competitive Analysis (Appendix) and then craft based, on the request from Etsy, very specific recommendations and brilliant justifications.

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