Information Security Research Paper

Information Security Research Paper


#1) Watch the two short ( less than 10 minutes Total ) YouTube videos in the Chapter Learning Materials folder that talks about the importance of Information Security. The first is general knowledge while the second is for an IT administrator employee.

#2) Review our book’s Chapter 8 Information Security which covers information important to this Research Paper.

Chapter 8 introduces different aspects of Information Security. The Chapter cover Threats and Defenses; Encryption; Web Transmission Security; Think Small, Think Big; and Conclusions.

#3) Check out the Chapter 8 PowerPoint Slides and COSC 1336 –Old Book Chapter 16 for additional subject matter on Information Security for your Research Paper.

This is the second of three Research/Opinion Paper assignments in this class.

· Information Security Research Paper – covers a current topic regarding Internet Security, like Social Media, Identity Theft, Modern Terrorism, or Corporate Espionage. This research paper needs to be 3-5 pages and requires at least 4 sources (1 of which can be Wikipedia). Adding your opinion about the topic and included cited sources are required to get full credit. This assignment counts as 8% of your class grade.

Each Research/Opinion Paper has four parts, which includes:

· Creating and submitting the paper with sources to the Blackboard assignment – 70 points.

· Posting the paper with sources to the appropriate discussion board for sharing – 10 points.

· Posting content constructive comments on at least 2 other papers – 10 points/comment.

· Posting answers to 4 question in the appropriate Learning Forum – 15 points.

#4) Review the Research Paper Collaborative Sharing Rubric PDF — Second item under this assignment. This is my standardized Research Paper feedback Rubric used to grade Research Paper discussion board responses. Please Note: I am much more interested in information sharing and NOT research paper format critiques.

#5) Read the COSC 1336 Research Paper –Security Issues Assignment for the specifics on creating your Information Security Research Paper.

Chapter Learning Materials

Youtube links

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