Health & Human Services Capstone

Human Services and care are provided in many  formats. You have been asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the  Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri INC. After you have started  with the Board you are placed on the grant allocation subcommittee. Your  committee is charged with the distribution of grants and with a focus  on Joplin Mo. Joplin, as noted above, was devastated by a tornado in May  0f 2011. The community is still recovering and over stressed human  service programs still work hard to provide services. Your organization  received a donation from The Duke Endowment (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  ( for a total of $170,000. Your organization  must distribute the money throughout the community. The foundation  received over 30 applications but narrowed this to eight applicants  listed in the Reflection section along with the amounts requested. There  is $290,000 applied for in regard to this money. Each member of your  subcommittee has been asked to submit who they would like to recommend  the money go to and how much they would receive. It is suggested that  only five applicants receive money. In this discussion of 350 words  present the five organizations that will receive money and to what  amount. In the discussion utilize these prompts:

  • Identify who you have chosen and how much will they receive.
  • Explain the criteria you used to select them and the amount.
  • Describe the requirements you used in selecting the five applicants.
  • Explain if your selected programs met all your requirements.
  • Reflect on your HHS ethics and values and how these influenced your choices.

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