Analytical Reading Response (ARR) task

Analytical Reading Response (ARR) task

This assignment asks you to analytically respond to the main idea(s) introduced in

course readings and may be submitted in response to readings assigned on Monday and/ or Wednesday. Your ARR should identify a main theme or idea and discuss that theme or idea as it relates to each of the assigned readings. Your ARR should clearly reflect the different contributions made by each author. Direct quotes are strongly encouraged and must be cited (see example below).

Specifically, each ARR should:

Identify a theme or idea that can be related to each reading assigned for that day

Discuss the contribution each author makes to the theme/idea

Be at least 3, but no more than 5 paragraphs

Due Dates & Submission Information:

ARR due dates correspond with the dates that readings are assigned EXAMPLE: You may submit an ARR on Monday, Sept. 10, it should address readings by Johnson, Smith & Crunkista

In-Text Citation Format

Direct quotes and paraphrased ideas should be cited in-text as follows: “Feminist and disability theory also share a deep concern about the body and

bodily difference” (Hirschmann 2012: 397).

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