Develop a graphic organizer (knowledge web) of administration actions

Develop a graphic organizer (knowledge web) of administration actions

Best Practices for Profitability: Graphic Organizer Directions: Develop a graphic organizer (knowledge web) of management actions, controls, or best practices that will help a foodservice operation achieve a profit or be profitable. NOTE: You need to include at least 25 different points. Start by thinking of actions/controls/best practices we learned about in class or from our readings that relate to control points: menus, recipes, forecasting, purchasing, ordering, receiving, storage, inventory, issuing, production, service, labor, other expenses, and pricing. These are actions or practices that should either help reduce costs or increase revenue.

1. Organize your ideas by connecting them to the terms listed in Step #1, but make sure you briefly describe management ACTIONS or PRACTICES (not just list terminology, eg. Don’t just say FIFO, briefly explain why an operation should use FIFO)

2. Be sure to link “connecting” concepts to each other as appropriate with arrows or lines.

3. Number the actions or practices from #1-#25. 4. This homework can be prepared using a graphic organizer app, such as

“Creately” or “Inspiration” or it can just be handwritten and drawn, or it could be prepared on a white board/chalkboard – take a photo and submit in drop box…be sure it is readable! (See sample below – which is INCOMPLETE!)

Labor 11. Reduce or eliminate overtime hours and pay 12. ?…you list other management actions to control labor costs

Menus and Menu Planning 1. Plan menus that employees

have the skills to produce. 2. ?…you continue this list for

good practices for menu planning

Recipes 3. Be sure recipes are standardized to produce a consistent quality and yield. 4. ?… keep going with best practices for recipes

PROFIT or Profitability

Other costs 9. Reduce, reuse and recycle food and other materials. 10. …?

Forecasting 5. Mgm’t actions related to forecasting….?

Purchasing 6. Best practices related to purchasing…?

Production/Service 7. Make sure employees follow standardized recipes 8. …continue this list

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