Discuss the objectives of sentencing.

Discuss the objectives of sentencing.

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Topic: Sentencing

Learning Objectives

· Know the goals and objectives of sentencing.

· Understand the concept of proportionality in sentencing and describe how the Supreme Court has applied this concept in its review of sentencing cases.

· Identify the various types of sentences, including intermediate, indeterminate, determinate, and mandatory sentences, and elucidate the reasons behind “get tough” reforms such as habitual offender statutes.

· Be aware of the process of arriving at a sentence and the potential problems of disparities and discrimination in sentencing.

· Describe the current status of the death penalty, the Supreme Court’s rulings on capital punishment, and the arguments put forth in support of and against the death penalty.

· Grasp the process for appellate review of sentences.

1. Explain the goals of sentencing.

2. Using examples, describe the types of sentencing.

3. What steps can courts take to make sure sentencing is free of discrimination and disparate treatment?

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