Coming Goal-Management homework task

Coming Goal-Management homework task

I need you to write me 3 pages using the information in the attached file.

rewrite it in professional way of writing, and try to max it by covering all areas and answering the question.

one year of work experience

to get one year of work experience from the same country I got my degree from.

To get a knowledge of the real work environment in U.S with my experience. So when I talked about the foreign or the united states work environment or cultural I would really know it not something I’ve been taught about. Especially the job waiting for me in Saudi is college instructor.

1. I want to use all options from my chance being selected and sent overseas to bring something valuable. And I see this chance worth to delay my job one year. To come with life experience not only book knowledge.

2. With no experience my work won’t pay me on my educational level, until I got some experience add to my resume. Especially, practicing in foreign country as united states would be valuable to my resume. Emotionally, I want to prepare myself for business work environment at U.S, because I have a big responsibility and pressure coming from U.S. with master degree.

What is the benefits you going to have by leaving the comfort zone and what difficulties you may face in searching for job?

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