Social Science homework Assignment

Social Science homework Assignment


Relationship Maintenance

Goals and Skills: Students are asked to apply specific concepts, happiness theories, or research findings they have learned in class to life experiences and specific out-of-class activities. Using a concept in a new circumstance as well as connecting sociology to other relevant material in students’ lives allows for greater student understanding.

Specific Instructions: Identify one social relationship in your life that needs some strengthening. Devote at least 1 hour to this relationship. Do something to help nurture, cultivate, or affirm that relationship. This CANNOT be a digital activity – no texting, e-mailing, or Facebook messaging. Some examples include: take the time to call a relative you don’t speak to often; have a meal with an old friend; create a ritual or tradition with your significant other; participate in an activity outside of work/class with a co-worker/classmate you want to get to know better. Explain what you did, with whom, and relate the experience to class material. How did this relationship maintenance contribute to your sense of well-being? How did your friend/family member/partner/co-worker/classmate feel about the activity?

Substantive Discussion/Debriefing: On the class day after the assignment is due, there will be an in- class discussion about this assignment. Students should be prepared to talk about their paper.

DUE: A digital copy should be uploaded to D2L into correct folder by 11:59pm on the due date (exact dates are noted on the syllabus under Course Calendar and Assignments).

Feedback: Students will be given numerical grades using the rubric below:






1 Covered subject of assignment/stayed on topic

1 Included at least ONE direct quotation from a class reading that was appropriately

cited using an ASA-style in-text parenthetical citation (Author Year: Page#)

1 Clarity of writing style/ease of reading

1 Grammar and spelling

1 Format (typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 page minimum, 2 pp. max)

TOTAL SCORE (Out of 5):

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