Experimental task

Experimental task

Response #5 – Due 3/11 by midnight

-Does the film The Royal Tenenbaums challenge the traditional narrative film? Use these questions to guide your response:

-Does the film have a traditional narrative structure – Exposition, conflict, raising action, turning point, etc.

-Did the film experiment with the narrative? How?

-Were there any elements in the film that you would define or consider as experimental such as texts and maps on screen, self-reflexive cinema and animation?

Give examples from the film to support your argument

Grading Rubric for Response Papers (10 pts each)

I. Content (6 pts)

– Details from lectures, readings, and the film

– Clarity of ideas

– Original ideas

– No evidence of plagiarism

II. Organization (2 pts)

– Structure that promotes clarity

– Strong topic and concluding sentences

– Logical flow of ideas

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