social media and culture essay

Select an overseas country of interest (but it cannot be the UK, Italy ,and France ). You should then address the following 5 points: your main focus should be on the researches of theories of social media and culture

1. Based on the theories and concepts from the literature, describe, discuss and interpret what is known, in general, about consumers, customers and managers motivations and behaviour in the social media environment. You need to understand the social media theories doing a lot of researches about it form article and journals. You have to talk in general showing an excellent understanding of the relevant theories you will use… this is the main part most important part they want to see lots of research been done about the theories of social media. (MAIN PART WRITE MORE HERE is very important )

2. After that, you have to select a country that you need to understand in terms of social media and you have to justify why you selected this country., you have to explain obviously the social media in the country what are the characteristics of social media in that country (that can be platforms) you can choose any country but you should justify why you chose it.

3. Using your research of what is known from the literature about social media discussed in point 1, critically evaluate and apply appropriate cultural theories and concepts to explain how and why they might affect motivations and behaviour in social media in your selected country. So, the cultural theories that need to be relevant to explain why consumers, why companies behave or why they use the social media in the way that you use. That can be cultural theories, can be element of the culture, can be religion, can be language that explain the social media on motivations and behaviours in that country for both consumers and companies, for example: why consumers and companies in the country that you selected behave why they use social media? (This part is also very important so you have to focus on the theories relevant one).

4. From your findings discuss the implications of this knowledge of culture and social media for SME exporters. What are the implications for companies for a SME in general.

5. Identify any future avenues for further research. ..Based on your reading and researches what are the areas for further research.

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