Discussion 5-Nursing homework Assignment

Discussion 5-Nursing homework Assignment

We learned this week of the steps that the U.S Public Health System has taken over the last three decades to adopt and institutionalize the CQI methods and tools. Let’s explore an example of a success story that shows that their efforts are starting to pay off.

Please read the Case Study: Institutionalization of Continuous Quality Improvement, Chapter 11, pages 278 and 279 in your text.

What do you think are the most important two steps that the Macon County Health Agency took to implement CQI into the daily work lives of their staff and physicians?

Describe how you might use one of these steps in your work as a health care leader.


Sollecito, W.A. and Johnson, J.K. (2019). McLaughlin and Kaluzny’s Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care (5th ed). Sudburry, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

ISBN: 978-1284126594

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