Group/Organizational Analysis – Response Paper Two

Group/Organizational Analysis – Response Paper Two

Essay Assignment: Write a four to five -page essay critically examining the communication that you experienced in either a group or organizational setting. Analyze the experience through several conceptual or theoretical perspectives. Think about the different jobs that you have had as well as your bosses! Think about group projects at the university or a particular work group that you have been a part of. Apply terminology, concepts or theories explored in the readings or lecture material in examining why the communication was either effective or ineffective.

Offer insight into what could have perhaps either prevented the problem from occurring, or how the experiences have positively influenced your own communication behavior

Format: (The format is similar to the relational analysis.)


Describe the context (group or organization) in which the communication problem was experienced – and your role in that setting.

Provide a description of the effective or ineffective communication that you have experienced in either a group or organizational setting.

Preview a minimum of three small group or organizational concepts/theories that you will be using in analyzing the problem.


Divide the body of the essay into a minimum of three conceptual areas.

Begin each section with the concept/theory you have selected for explanatory purposes – defining or describing the most relevant dimension of the concept as far as your analysis is concerned.

Provide examples of the kind of communication that you experienced and how the communication concepts you have studied help you understand either the effective or ineffective consequences of the examples you provide.


Summarize how the concepts/theories you have chosen have selected explain the group or organizational experience that you have chosen and what needs to be changed for the group or organizational unit to function more effectively. Or, review why the communication was particularly effective in the areas that you have chosen.

Wrap up with an assessment of where the group or organizational unit is now, and where it needs to be in order to be more effective. Keep in mind if you are analyzing a very positive communication experience – there is always room for a. little improvement!

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