a new communication campaign.

Imagine Lime (https://www.li.me/about-us) contacts your agency to participate in a pitch for a new communication campaign. The campaign is intended to communicate the launch of their new electric bike-sharing scheme in Logan, UT. The electric bike-sharing scheme offers electric- assist bikes with dockless accessibility (https://www.li.me/electric-assist-bike). The product launch is scheduled for the start of the fall semester in 2019. Lime is willing to follow suggestions made by your agency regarding the number of weeks and budget allocated to the campaign .

Lime has invited three different agencies to pitch their ideas and will ultimately choose to hire the agency that presents the best communication campaign to them.

The Next Steps

  1. Before you start working on your campaign, research both the company and the product: What is Lime? When was Lime founded? Where and how does Lime operate? What is their target segment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes? Why do consumers like or dislike them?
  2. Follow the marketing communication steps in order to plan your campaign.
    1. Set campaign goals
    2. Identify target market/segments
    3. Identify key messages
    4. Schedule campaign phases
    5. Plan communication channels and budget

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