Explain the concept of personality assessment

The concept of personality assessment and test classification is shifting:

Meyer and Kurtz (2006)

Consider Meyer and Kurtz’s (2006) discussion of personality test descriptors. Please access the Meyer and Kurtz (2011) article in Doc Sharing.

Discuss the following:

1. The historical use of the terms objective and projective to classify a personality test, and the problems with such classification.

2. The suggestions made by the authors to refer to specific tests.

Select a personality test (you can use the Buros website to assist in your search)http://buros.unl.edu/buros/jsp/search.jsp. and discuss what type of data is provides, and how you might use this particular test to assess a client. Research your selected test using the Kaplan library; use a minimum of 3 peer reviewed references in your assignment. In your case discussion include at least a one paragraph discussion addressing the following:

· Referral question for personality assessment

· Demographic information for your potential client

· Background data regarding the client’s current level of functioning and presenting problem(s)

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