Elderly abuse by adult daughter

Write an essay (probably about five pages if done well) which introduces the issue/phenomenon at hand, establishes its relevance, and presents insights from each discipline selected. Then, attempt to explain how these insights can be integrated and/or how each discipline fundamentally differs in their approach. Finally, discuss the strengths and limitations of each disciplinary perspective applied to this issue.


I. Introduction (much of the introduction will likely come from the proposal)

a. Identify the complex phenomenon

b. How is it relevant to “real life”, to IDST, and to this course?

c. How does it meet the criteria laid out for IDST in Repko and/or Ruggiero?

II. Discussion of insights

a. Briefly describe the selected articles (or books)

b. Discussion of insights from Discipline #1

c. Discussion of insights from Discipline #2

d. Discussion of insights from Discipline #3 (optional)

III. Integrating Disciplinary Insights

a. In what major ways do each discipline’s insights differ from the other(s)?

b. How does combining these insights foster a more comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon?

c. After considering these insights, what new questions can be asked about this phenomenon?

IV. Conclusion

a. In future research, what other discipline(s) might speak to this issue?

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