Assignment 1 –

Scenario –

You have been employed as Information Technology consultant at a local business advisory organization, that aims to help small Internet based business, to be a successful candidate as a consultant you have been asking to prepare a report to show your understanding on how Internet and WWW operate.

Task 1 – Describing how the Internet works

Hint: You should cover the followings:

  • The basic architecture of the Internet as network of networks based upon servers and clients.
  • The World-Wide Web.
  • The role of protocols (IP, HTTP and TCP) and URLs
  • Different types of Internet connection including wired and wireless.
  • The role of ISPs (with examples)

Task 2 – Investigate and describe with examples of how Internet and www can be used by societies

Hint: You should choose at least five different types of uses.

Task 3 – For the Internet activities explained above, describes Internet risks and actions that various organization take to reduce risks arising from operating online.

This could include

  • The use of software such as antivirus,
  • Checking before downloading emails.
  • The use of software and hardware firewall.
  • Backing up data and taking precautions over security of data.

Assignment 2 –

The purpose of this assignment is to: Explain how Internet and World Wide Web Operate.

Criteria Reference – To achieve the criteria the evidence must allow show that the student is able to:

Task 1 – Describe how the internet operates.

Task 2 – Describe with examples of how the internet is used by society

Task 3 – Describe Internet risks and the actions taken to reduce risks.

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