Discuss the role of information technology in a supply chain

Innovation and IT in supply chains

Instructions on Assessment:

The assessment for this module is comprised of two parts. You MUST complete both parts.

Part 1:

The first part is a group presentation, which accounts for 25% of the module mark. These presentations will be based on case studies, which will be provided to you two weeks prior to the actual presentation day. Presentations will take place during the seminars of the semester.

Part 2:

The second part is an individual assignment, which accounts for 75% of the module mark. In this part of the assessment you have to write a 3000 word long reportexplaining and discussing the following (you MUST do both tasks).

Task 1 for Part 2:

Critically evaluate, discuss as well as compare and contrast the “knowledge-as-possession view” and the “knowledge-as-practice view”. Furthermore, discuss the meaning of these two schools of thought in relation to managing innovation in supply chains, whilst relating this to some of the innovation and relationship management concepts discussed in the lectures and seminars throughout this module. You must use examples from different organisations of your choice to supplement your discussion.

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