Evaluate principles of software engineering

The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate their ability to interpret a set of laws that are part of the principles of software engineering, to evaluate principles of software engineering aspects within an industry in relation to the various elements covered, to apply them to cases drawn from technical and academic literature and to communicate the key issues through a written academic report.
Individual Assignment

Weighting and Due Date: Refer to Course Description on Moodle

Description of assignment:

The Laws of Software Engineering.

Consider the following four laws given in the prescribed text:

Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures. (L1)

Only what is hidden can be changed without risk. (L8)
Productivity and reliability depend on the length of a program’s text, independent of language level used. (L12)

A system reflects the organizational structure that built it. (LI6)

• Describe each law in your own words. Define the terms in each law and explain the law clearly and thoroughly. Illustrate your explanation with practical examples – with at least one example for each law from software engineering.

• The following diagram is from the text. Clearly and thoroughly explain the relationship between observation, law and theory. Illustrate your answer with examples – with at least one from software engineering.

2056_Software Engineering.png

• ITECH6501 Additional Item

The following diagram appears in the text.

2022_Software Engineering1.png

In your own words clearly and thoroughly explain the relationship between Law, Method and Tool. Illustrate your answer with examples – at least one of which is from software engineering.

Your support material must be compiled from reliable sources such as the academic resources in Federation University library which might include, but not limited to: the main library collection, library databases and the BONUS+ collection as well as any reputable online resources (you should confirm this with your tutor).

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