project management

You have just taken over a project from another project manager. Incomplete information is available to you on the project status. You have been told that the cost performance index (CPI) = .92, the earned value (EV) = $322,000 and the planned value (PV) = $180,000. What is the actual cost (AC) for the project? What’s the schedule variance (SV) for the project? What about the SPI and the CSI?

If your last name begins M through Z, address the following question. Be sure to show ALL calculations and explain what your answers tell you.

Activity A is worth $200, is 100% complete, and actually cost $200. Activity B is worth $75, is 90% complete, and actually cost $120 so far. Activity C is worth $200, is 75% complete and has cost $175 so far. The total budget is $1000. Find the project’s: ETC, VAC, CPI, CV, PV, and EAC.

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