Discussion 4 – 200 Word Minimum

Discussion 4 – 200 Word Minimum

I want you to see the stock performance (link is titled “Stock”) of the company we are going to examine, Jarden Corp., in comparison to the S&P 500 stock market average and the undisputed king of the grocery store, Proctor and Gamble.

Now please click on the link provided that will take you to Jarden’s website and travel around; look at their brands.

Please share your thoughts and opinions on any topic to do with using this strategy of buying “orphaned” or “wounded” brands. How valuable is the brand equity of the older brands like Coleman for camping and Crocpot for the kitchen? How much of what you buy is because your family always purchased that brand? As consumers do we really care who made that small appliance on the shelf at Meijer?

Jarden’s stock performance relative to the stock market average (S&P 500) is listed in a PDF just below this post. Then click on the link that takes you to Jarden’s website to explore this interesting company.

Note: In late 2015 Newell Rubbermaid aquired Jarden Brands and the new combined company is called Newell Brands.


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