Mental Health

Mental Health

Please use this APA source

Cahill, S., & Bowyer, P. (2015). Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Assessment and Intervention 1st Edition. Slack Incorporated.

When referencing the pdf attached in the paper

(Cahill & Bowyer, 2015, p. XX)

And use APA formatting original work do not plagiarize use additional sources

2 parghaphs minimum for each question

See attachment pg. 135 need to be original work and use apa sourcing

1. What are some examples of the ways that Occupational therapists( OTs) can be involved in providing services that target mental health prevention and promotion?

2. What is unique about the type of services that OTs can provide to children and youth with mental health needs compared to other providers?

Case Study: James (Cahill & Bowyer, 2015, p. 150-153)

See attachment pgs 150-153 for case info on james

3. How will you address James’ transition out of the child welfare system? Which life skills are most important in supporting a successful transition in his adult role?

4. What types of clinical and community contexts need to be considered for equipping James with the skills necessary for successful engagement in his current and future occupational roles?

Make sure you are familiar with community contexts and relation to OT look it up..

5. What types of community organizations will be helpful in supporting James’ transition out of the child welfare system?

6. What ongoing services will James need to achieve self-sufficiency

I thinking they’re talking about OT services what type of services are needed? Maybe consulting?

Look this up

7. How would you collaborate with other professionals and James on his goals?

What other disciples can you work with to achieve his goals?

8. Describe and justify the contributions an occupational therapist makes to the team in facilitating James’ future success.

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