Week 6 Assignment – 7030

Week 6 Assignment – 7030

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Below are the Assignments I need completed by 12:00AM EST on 8/10/19.

Unit 6 Assignment 1: Evaluating a Qualitative Study
Course PSL7030

Evaluating a Qualitative Study

For this assignment, find one qualitative research study examining your topic. Make sure the article utilizes primary data collection and there is a methods and results section. Based on this week’s readings and your current understanding of qualitative methods, and using Table 9.2 Criteria for Evaluating the Research Design in a Qualitative Research Report (page 301) in your course text to help guide you, address the following:

1. Using what you learned from your reading, name the research design used and why it was likely selected by the author(s).

2. Describe the sampling strategy used and provide a rationale for selection. (Refer to Table 10.1 Types of Purposeful Sampling Strategies in your course text.)

3. What types of data did the authors collect (interviews, observations, documents)? What were the advantages and disadvantages of the method of data collection used? (Refer to Table 10.2 Characteristics of the Major Categories of Qualitative Data Collection in your course text.)

4. Evaluate how ethical recruitment and data collection were ensured.

5. Assess credibility and the quality if the study. Will you retain it for your literature review?

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