Annual Report project



Please answer the following questions specifically. The questions are designed to encourage students to learn about and read typical company Annual Reports. This is a basic first step in learning about how businesses operate, what information is required legally of companies that are public (ownership is in stocks owned by the public). Only answer the question. Do not provide opinions or long paragraphs of copy-pasted materials.

Company Annual Report – Questions with Answers Derived Directly from Report

1. Describe the company’s products and services.

2. List where the company operates in the world.

3. Name 3 people in the Top Management Team and provide their titles.

4. Name 3 Long term goals of the company.

5. Give one example of how the company says it will become more competitive in the future.

6. Name 2 Sustainability initiatives of the company.

7. Give 2 examples of how the company is investing in its people.

8. Describe the company’s Corporate Philosophy or Values.

9. How many shares of the company stock have been issued?

Current News Question

10. Provide links to 3 news articles that report about the impact of the Coronavirus on the company. Be sure to use reputable sources for your choice of news. Provide the complete URLs only.


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