write an article on cyanide as ecosystem toxic chemical threat Paper

write an article on cyanide as ecosystem toxic chemical threat Paper

at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! People exposed to large quantities of cyanide may experience health effects such as low blood pressure, loss of consciousness, respiratory failure resulting in death, convulsions, and slow heart rate (Wilder, 19). However, people who survive this deadly gas over a long time may experience or develop heart and brain damage. Human beings get exposed to this deadly chemical by breathing air, eating contaminated food, drinking water, or touching soil contaminated with the cyanide. It gets into the soil, water, or air through industrial or natural processes. However, people who do not work in cyanide related industries get exposed to the chemical when they associate with cigarette smokers.

People exposed to the deadly chemical need to move to areas where they will receive fresh air to reduce the possibility of death because of the exposure. The movement should be in relation to the origin or source of the chemical. move outside the building if released inside the building and whereas when released outside, get away from the scene. However, when the option of moving from the area is not possible, one should lie on the ground as low as possible to minimize inhaling a lot of cyanide gas (Barber & Vaughan, 4).

In case one gets exposed to the chemical he should remove the clothing and seal them in a plastic bag and inform the health officers when they arrive. Moreover, when the eyes are itching or experiences blurred vision, one should rinse using plenty of water for 10 – 15 minutes. Cyanide in the skin should be thoroughly washed using soap and water. Further, whenever the chemical is swallowed, one should never induce vomiting or take fluids but should seek medical care as soon as possible (Edwards, 4). Cyanide poisoning is treated using specific medicine in conjunction with supportive medical care in a hospital.


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