peer-reviewed journal

peer-reviewed journal

• Search for one research paper on the topic “Mood congruent recall” that was published in a peer-reviewed journal (ie. no online news articles) between 2016 and 2020.

Notes from Instructure

a. Since I am only asking you to review one paper, I am expecting to see “depth” of analysis rather than “breadth”.

b. Paraphrase everything and NEVER copy/paste any sentences directly from any sources.

c. Include your chosen paper in the list of references. If you are citing other sources, also add this to the list.

  1. Answer these questions (make 4 sections in your essay): a. Section 1: Summary i. Briefly summarize the main points of the paper in less than 250 words. b. Section 2: Contribution i. Discuss how the main research finding extends your understanding of the assigned concept. In other words, compared to what you learned in the textbook, how does this paper further your understanding of the assigned concept?c. Section 3: Application i. Discuss how it can be applied to an organizational setting. In other words, how can you use this research finding to improve when you work? Provide specific examples whenever you can. d. Section 4: Limitation i. Every research has limitations, so I want you to use your critical thinking and offer a critique of the paper.</code></pre></li>

Grading criterion

  1. Writing: 35% a. Does your paper have a “coherent” and “consistent” writing flow with minimal grammar mistakes and proper APA formatting?
  2. Critical thinking: 65% a. Convince me why the research from the paper you picked is “meaningful” and “insightful” to the assigned topic.

Rules & Requirements

In general, the rules are the same as your assignments.

  1. 2000 words (maximum)
  2. In your title page a. Include your word count

b. State your assigned topic

  1. APA style a. Since this is an exam, I’ll be stricter in checking for the APA format so make sure you double check everything.
  2. Similarity score => same as assignments (over 20% = some penalty, over 30% = zero)


I have attached the text book where a brief description of the topic Mood congruent recall is mentioned

Chapter 6: Motivational and Emotional Influences on Decision Making

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