Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (3rd Edition) –

  • Subject: Internet Marketing
  • The recommended material for the assignment (please include all of these in the citations on the assignment):

Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (3rd Edition) – 978-1133625902 (ONLY CHAPTERS 14 & 15 FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT). File attached.

  • The assignment should follow the APA Guidelines.
  • Answer the following essay questions:
  1. True or False: Internet marketers need to decide whether they will conduct measurement from a visitor usability perspective or from a traffic and audience measurement perspective. Defend your answer.
  2. What is a more relevant measurement, acquisition cost per customer or cost per impression? Explain your answer.
  3. The module highlights online tracking for behavioral advertising as a concern of many Internet users. Has anything you have learned in this course made you warier of what sites you visit and what information you divulge on the Internet? What positive aspects have you experienced, such as recommended additions while shopping?
  4. Have you or anyone you know ever been informed that they had been affected by a data breach? If so, what actions were recommended for their protection? More generally, what actions should consumers take if they fear some of their data may have been compromised? How often do you change passwords on each site you visit, including your e-mail? Have you ever been notified by a news media announcement before receiving a notice form the business or organization or a breech or theft?
  5. Discuss concerns that consumers may have about the privacy of their PII. What do you think a business can and should do to alleviate these concerns?

Files: Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (3rd Edition) – 978-1133625902.pdf

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