Individual Research Project

Individual Research Project


  1. This assignment is to be completed individually.
  2. Your written project is due at the beginning of the lecture indicated on the course syllabus and MUST:

· be between 15 – 20 pages (excluding annexes), double-spaced, word processed using a 12 pt. font (you will be penalized for exceeding the page limit of 20);

· have page numbers;

· be grammatically sound;

· demonstrate a responsibility to scholarship by containing a bibliography and footnotes in an acceptable format (APA, MLA, etc.);

· have a title page displaying the names and student numbers of the team members;

· be well organized; and,

· have attached a testimonial asserting: “This case study has been completed in accordance with University of Ottawa’s rules and guidelines respecting academic integrity” and signed by ALL GROUP MEMBERS. Failure to include this signed attestation will result in an automatic “F”.

  1. No extensions to the due date for this assignment will be provided under any circumstances. Please carefully review the “late penalty” clause provided on the course syllabus.

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