Value Creation

Generate two different business architectures for one use case previously generated (in Section 2), thinking through each element, as outlined in the lectures. You should aim to:

  1. Summarize each of your business propositions in two sentences; this is a “headline” that you would use to describe your firm quickly to investors or customers
  2. Capture your business/operating models using the framework provided below

· Value Creation: How does your firm create value for your customers (i.e., what benefits would you provide or what problem would you solve)? Please try and quantify where possible.

· Value Capture: How would you earn revenue from the value you create?

· Structure: How is your business and your value offering structured?

· Assets: What facilities, equipment, human capital and other assets would you need to enable your business?

· Capabilities: What unique strengths and abilities would you need to enable your business? How are these difficult to replicate?

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