Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 2 Discussion Questions:

  1. Post your topic (Commercial Property) along with one related reference that you have found. I would like you to cut and paste the document onto the post so that everyone can read it without clicking onto a website. You must submit an APA reference at the end of the paste. For example: Klein, J. (1998). Dizzy days. The New Yorker, 40-45. Additionally, you must answer the following questions regarding your reference:

How can you be sure your source is credible?
Is it Recent? Why or why not?
Is it Impartial? Why or why not?
Is it Credible? Why or why not?
Is it Consistent? Why or why not?
Is it Relevant? Why or why not?

  1. Submit a proposed reference list of at least eight sources that are properly cited according to APA format. I would like to see a variety of sources, for example not just articles from one journal.
  2. Topic Outline: Commercial Property

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