Write a 6 pages paper on who wrote the bible

Write a 6 pages paper on who wrote the bible. The hypothesis (DH) developed slowly over the course of the 19th Century and by its end a complex theory was in place of the Bible as having four main sources: Yahwist (J) . Elohist. Deuteronomist, and the Priestly Writer – in order later determined as JEPD. The hypothesis dominated biblical scholarship for much of the 20th century, and, although challenged by other models in the late 20th Century, its terminology and insights continue to provide the framework for modern theories including Friedman’s.

&nbsp.Yet regarding its identity as the definitive word of God, Friedman makes no claims and in fact supports its import and identity as more historical and literary. “The redactor was as much an artist, in his own way, as the authors of J, E, P, and D.

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